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Maintenance Stuff

Normal wear and tear is naturally going to occur over time, but keeping a regular maintenance schedule is critical to keeping your pressure washer running past the 2000-hour mark. Remember that for every hour on a pressure washer, it is equal to 50 miles on a car, so 2000 hours on a pressure washer is equal to 100,000 miles to a car. This equation makes perfect sense  because most pressure washers last 2000 hours before major problems occur except for the occasional lemon.

ENGINE So if we use the analogy that 50 hours on a pressure washer equals 2500 miles, then this is the hour mark that one would change the engine oil. This is also the hour interval that most small engine manufacturers recommend the oil to be changed. Use high-quality, name-brand oil that meets SAE standards and is the appropriate grade for your engine (see your owners manual). Never proceed to operate your pressure washer with an extremely low oil level (less than the minimum mark).

A handy device to monitor the hours on your pressure washer is a tachometer/hour meter. This device will flash at 50-hour intervals letting you know that it is time for regular maintenance. The small amount that it costs more than pays for itself in pressure washer life and your sanity trying to keep track of multiple pressure washers.

Most pump manufactures recommend changing your pressure washers pump oil every 500 hours. Some people prefer to change the pump oil every 200 hours and once a year pull the back cover off the pump and use a lint free cloth to wipe out the bottom of the crankcase to remove the built up sentiment.